Breaking Up With Your Outdated Intranet Provider

By Hani Khan
A world-class digital experience is not a luxury for organizations, it is a must. In order to understand how to get there, we need to understand how we got where we are. 

Let’s dive into why a Modern Intranet is a must and why breaking up with your outdated intranet provider might be the next step.

When intranets first emerged, many companies went the traditional route with basic, static websites that required IT or individuals with high technical skills to maintain. That method is no longer an effective means to keep up with the speed of innovation required to deliver a modern employee experience and there is a cost for organizations with outdated intranets. 

While that option worked 15-20 years ago, now we are faced with transforming companies employee portals for the modern workforce. Digital workplaces come to life by making it possible for businesses to connect, engage and empower their entire workforce across the enterprise. Engaged employees interact with digital experiences in various capacities of their day to day life and they expect the same level of engagement at work to fulfill their duties.

It is important to structure employee communication that can evolve as the digital landscape transforms so that we can offer employees the experiences they deserve. 

So how do you know if you need to break up with your outdated intranet provider? Asking the following questions can help:

  • Intelligent Technology – Does the vendor have a platform that aligns with the needs of your organization?
    • Consider the experience and types of features that your employees need to do their job and make their lives easier. Are they able to provide a user experience that aligns with your company strategy? As new and emerging technologies are identified, how easy is it to integrate them into your digital ecosystem?
  • Analytics Access – Can your data analytics be accessed at any time or is it at the whim of your CSM?
    • Creating a rich user experience requires access to analytics. Can you access data to drive engagement or performance data to pinpoint points of failure or success?
  • Ease of Administration – When it comes to launch and use, was it easy to set-up for your needs?
    • Planning, deploying and ease of use is key when considering an intranet platform. Intranets shouldn’t require highly technical skills to maintain. Is the employee experience contingent on one person maintaining the platform?

By asking yourself – and your Intranet provider – the questions listed above, you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s time to break up with their digital solution.

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