[Webinar Recap] The ROI of Internal Communications with Jason Anthoine of Audacity

By Hani Khan

Are you having a tough time justifying the need for an Internal Communications function in your organization? Watch the recap of ‘The ROI on Internal Communication’ from thought leader Jason Anthoine, Managing Founder of Audacity. In this webinar, Jason partnered with Simpplr to share the importance of Internal Communication in any organization, understanding how to accurately measure ROI, and how to align your internal communication department with business objectives.

Watch the on-demand webinar recap and learn:

  • A sound ROI model for internal communications professionals to better evangelize the impact of their function
  • Various ways to make a business case for and justify the ROI of internal communications
  • Multiple case study examples where companies effectively showed how their communications initiatives impacted the broader business

Jason and Simpplr did a deep dive into the different levels of internal communications ROI (Function, Business, and Culture) and went into the various measurements which can also be found in Simpplr’s State of Internal Communications report. In order to understand the use case for Internal Communication, we have to look into how it aligns with corporate objectives to support the investment. 

This is a webinar you don’t want to miss – view the on-demand webinar now!

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