Work from Home Diary: How RETTEW launched their Intranet with COVID-19 Resources in 10 days

By Hani Khan
As a part of Simpplr’s ‘Work from Home’ Series – we wanted to hear from our customers and get insights for what communication tools are working best as they keep their workforce updated and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simpplr works with customers from across many different industries. RETTEW, an engineering design firm spread across 11 offices in four states and 13 technical service groups, shared their Simpplr story on how they quickly launched and pivoted their content strategy in the wake of COVID-19 and their transition to working from home. 

RETTEW kicked off their intranet project in mid-November 2019 with the goal of launching a full-blown intranet in late Q2 2020. When COVID-19 started impacting the United States, they had to put the project on hold temporarily to shift their focus to business-critical functions and smoothly transition staff to a remote working environment. It was not only a transition to get the infrastructure in place to support this, but also a shift in culture and mindset to working from home. 

As RETTEW settled into a ‘new normal,’ they realized having a central repository for strictly COVID-19 information and resources could be very helpful. With the assistance of Simpplr, RETTEW was able to launch a COVID-19 interim site within 10 days. 

The RETTEW intranet, called AXIS, launched on April 1 with COVID-19 information and resources for employees. The biggest challenge for the organization was making sure their technology toolkit wasn’t bound by VPN and could be accessed from anywhere. Simpplr was able to help by having remote accessibility with strong, secure features to reach every employee. 

As a part of the new intranet launch, RETTEW conducted a naming contest with their employees and the name ‘AXIS’ won. According to the RETTEW employee who won the contest, “When you think of an axis, you envision things revolving around it.  That’s what our new intranet will be – the place everything revolves around.” 

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