Frontline employee survey reveals significant recruitment and retention concerns

Frontline employee survey results - headshots of firefighter and nurse
Frontline employee recruitment and retention is top-of-mind in many industries these days, as more than one-third of companies lack the right technology to effectively communicate, engage, and retain these employees. And our recent survey offers insight to help understand and address these challenges.

We surveyed 1,500 HR executives of organizations, with more than 20% of their workforce comprised of frontline employees. It reveals some alarming stats:

  • More than 30% of companies lack the technology to adequately engage frontline employees.
  • 40% of companies surveyed say they communicate with frontline employees only once a week.
  • 54% of companies recognize that failing to help frontline employees stay connected and engaged is costing them productivity.
  • And the recognition by 38% of respondents that a technology gap is making it more difficult to retain and recruit talent.

Frontline employee infographic - survey results showing problems facing frontline employeesAddressing the disconnect

“With frontline employees making up 80% of the global workforce, many organizations lack the technology and communication channels to keep them engaged and connected to the rest of the organization,” said Paige Leidig, Simpplr’s Chief Marketing Officer.

How are they addressing this gap? A mobile-first intranet offers an exceptional assist. “It offers companies the right communication channels to elevate their employee experience and connect with employees in a seamless way wherever and however they work.”

There is a lack of consistent frontline employee communication, and important company communications are easy to miss if they are infrequent and disjointed.

Beyond that, many frontline employees cannot receive direct communications from their supervisors, as most don’t have a corporate email address. This impacts the connection they have with their leader and team. And we know that any employees, including frontline employees, need leadership and team support to stay engaged in the workplace community.

A mobile app addresses these challenges, making connecting and engaging with frontline employees possible. Simpplr’s mobile-first employee experience platform lets frontline worker organizations deliver rich communications, create personalized experiences, see real-time employee insights, and, ultimately, keep frontline employees connected and engaged with the rest of the organization.

Reach out for a demo to see it in action and amplify your recruitment and retention efforts today!

2023 employee experience survey report

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