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AppDynamics: Investing in Internal Communications to Boost Employee Engagement


Learn AppDynamic’s Internal Communications' intranet strategy that increased employee engagement

Employee engagement strategies have been proven to improve internal communications and productivity, reduce voluntary employee turnover, increase customer retention rate, and make more profits.

Join Mehroz Baig, Associate Manager of Global Communications at AppDynamics to learn about her intranet strategy in increasing employee engagement from 20% to 95% within the first six months of re-launching AppDynamic’s intranet. Mehroz Baig will share her internal communications process and strategy, successes, and challenges that will help you increase your employee engagement.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Internal Communications’ pivotal strategy in engaging employees using the intranet
  • Practical tips and ideas to increase intranet employee engagement
  • Successes and challenges in re-launching an intranet and how to overcome them

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About the presenter

Mehroz Baig
Mehroz Baig

Associate Manager, Global Communications - Internal Communications

Mehroz Baig is the Associate Manager, Global Communications – Internal Communications at AppDynamics where she works on a number of internal communications initiatives including serving as the editor for the company’s intranet. She’s passionate about storytelling and brings that lens to her communications work. Previously, she was at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, working on multimedia storytelling with a focus on health disparities. She has also worked at The Commonwealth Club of California, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS and the County of Sonoma’s Economic Development and Workforce Investment Boards. Mehroz is a graduate of Wellesley College and has dual master’s degrees in journalism and international affairs from Columbia University.