Own Your Ecosystem: Turn Stakeholders into Collaborators


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In the world of internal communications, understanding your position within the organizational ecosystem is crucial. As communicators, it’s tempting to view our role as purely content creators or campaign drivers. However, this perspective limits our potential impact. It’s essential to recognize that we should be seen as experts guiding the communications strategy. This distinction deeply influences how we approach our role. By identifying what our stakeholders need, we can effectively balance various responsibilities such as content curation, communication planning, managing editorial calendars, and supporting events. This multifaceted approach allows us not just to disseminate information but also to shape the narrative within the organization.

The key to transforming stakeholder perception is creating a compelling IComm vision that inspires and motivates. This vision should articulate clear goals, demonstrate how each stakeholder’s involvement is vital, and have measurable success metrics. When stakeholders witness the tangible results of embracing our strategies — increased engagement, smoother information flow, and more effective campaigns — they are more likely to see us as strategic partners and adopt our methods in the long term. This shift from passive receivers of communication to active participants in the ecosystem marks a significant evolution in the internal communicator’s role, fostering a more dynamic and effective organizational culture.

About the Presenter


Allegra Kipnis

Senior Internal Communications Manager, Coursera

Allegra Kipnis is the Senior Internal Communications Manager at Coursera, an innovative learning platform with a mission to provide universal access to world-class learning. A tenured Internal Communications professional, with a unique blend of experience running IC from under marketing, HR, and PR-Comms banners. At Coursera, Allegra is committed to ensuring access to information for the global team, fostering a sense of commonality and shared mission.

Throughout her career, Allegra has received notable recognition for her work. She holds an MBA in Marketing & Global Business from Rutgers Business School, and a SHRM-CP certification. This cross-functional mindset supports a strategic approach to Internal Communications that prioritizes leverage and impact. Prior to Coursera, Allegra led HR Internal Communications at Onna, TCS, and Panasonic. Beyond her work, Allegra is a proud twin mom and resides in New Jersey with her husband and three boys. In her free time, she enjoys baking, indulging in Star Wars novels, and talking to strangers.


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