Digital hoarder to digital haven: Maintaining an effective intranet


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In the modern workplace, cluttered intranets have become a significant barrier, leading to misinformation, inefficiencies, and reduced employee engagement.

Gartner’s research highlights this challenge: 44% of employees make errors due to inaccessible information, and many struggle to find the resources they need to work effectively.

Join us for an insightful session with intranet veteran, Christine Robitaille, who will dive deep into this critical issue. We’ll discuss:

  • The negative impact a cluttered intranet has on employee communication and productivity
  • Actionable steps to declutter and rejuvenate your intranet
  • How to unlock an optimized digital workplace using Simpplr’s AI-powered intranet

An effective intranet isn’t just a tool—it’s a catalyst for seamless communication, heightened engagement, and a boost in profitability, giving companies a distinct competitive advantage.

Register today to learn how to transform your intranet from a digital hoarder to a digital haven that helps employees flourish!

About the Presenter


Christine Robertson

Manager, Implementation Consulting, Simpplr

Christine Robertson founded our Implementation Consulting practice. During her tenure, she has implemented many of Simpplr’s largest customers and is one of our foremost experts on Simpplr product functionality including intranet architecture, governance, segmentation, and file management. She is a firm believer in delivering five-star experiences to our customers and continues to develop best-in-class service programs across her teams. Christine is a true advocate for having professional and personal balance, her favorite mantra is “you can have it all; just not at the same time.”


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