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Webinar: What Glassdoor Employee Communication Research Teaches us About Engagement

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An employee communications webinar based on recent glassdoor research

Employee communications is more successful when it shows how it impacts business outcomes. Simpplr researched Glassdoor data and surveyed employees from thousands of companies to better understand how employee communications impacts employee engagement  and company culture and ultimately ties to outcomes like negative Glassdoor ratings or employee turnover. Join Sam Keninger, head of Simpplr’s research and Manu Navjeevan, a Phd. Candidate at UCLA as they review their findings from the Glassdoor research initiative.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the best companies on Glassdoor differ in employee engagement
  • Impact of  the key cultural drivers for engaging employees and reducing employee turnover risk
  • How employee communications can use this information to make a business case for more resources

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