Executive Summary: Trends shaping employee experience

Employee Experience Trends Executive Summary

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We know that a more positive employee experience (EX) leads to stronger performance, higher retention, and a more connected and aligned workforce. Our comprehensive ebook, Next in EX: Trends shaping employee experience, dives deep into the trends defining the way forward. Our executive summary breaks down four emerging EX trends to give HR leaders actionable insights at a glance.

This snapshot into the future of employee experience can help you begin to boost productivity, retain talent, and overcome the ongoing challenge of investing in the right EX tech. Get quick takeaways to:

  • Harness the potential of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity and elevate EX
  • Avoid cost overruns, streamline data management, and retain talent with a well-orchestrated tech consolidation strategy
  • Design an inclusive “anywhere” employee experience by leveraging the right EX platform
  • Empower and engage employees with AI-powered technology that enables seamless employee feedback, sentiment analysis and more

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