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Six Reasons Why Simpplr is a Better Intranet for Salesforce Customers.

Get more from your Salesforce investment

Because Simpplr's social intranet is a native Salesforce app, you leverage your existing Salesforce cloud. There’s no new infrastructure to manage, no new platform to learn, no new team to hire, and no administrative training required. Install the salesforce social intranet in minutes, roll out globally in days.

Rest easy with enterprise-grade security and uptime

Industry-leading reliability and certified security come standard with Salesforce’s proven cloud platform, so your business stays protected.

Scale as quickly as you grow

Salesforce’s cloud platform can accommodate nearly any size company, which means you never have to worry about growing too big or too fast.

Zero effort Chatter migration​

Simpplr's salesforce social intranet inherits your existing Chatter communities, so your users, groups, files, conversations, activities, and security model appear in Simpplr automatically. No migration is necessary.

Integrate easily with almost anything

Pre-built connectors on Salesforce AppExchange provide out-of-the-box integration with the most popular business apps. Create custom integrations easily with extensive platform APIs.

Accelerate innovation with Simpplr + Salesforce

Simpplr's salesforce social intranet delivers three major releases per year, so your community is constantly improving. Even better, Salesforce releases new features, security upgrades, and bug fixes three times yearly. With Simpplr's social intranet, the innovation is built in.

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