Simpplr Named to Constellation ShortList™ for 2019 Employee Digital Workspaces

By Simpplr Marketing
We've been named to Constellation Research's ShortList™ for Employee Digital Workspaces in Q1 2019! 

This is the third time in a row we’ve been recognized by Constellation ShortList among many other vendors in the space. This is a true testament that the industry is changing to meet users’ demands and expectations today. Since the company inception, we’ve prided ourselves in our stunning user experience, and we’re glad to see that we’ve met all the other threshold criteria for this category determined by Constellation Research.

“We’re excited to join the other technology vendors leading this space. The industry is changing to meet today’s workplace as it is becoming more distributed, and employees are feeling unengaged and more disconnected than ever.  Our mission is to foster a workplace where employees come to work inspired, are connected with their leaders and peers, do their best work with a shared purpose, go home fulfilled. Imagine that.” said Dhiraj Sharma, Simpplr Co-founder and CEO.

Constellation Research's ShortList™ for Employee Digital Workspaces in Q1 2019 - Simpplr's Intranet

About This Constellation ShortList™

Corporate Intranets, often referred to today as Digital Workspaces, represent the evolution from simple company portals, which provide access to human resources and financial information, to a central hub for several aspects of employee engagement. Digital Workspaces or intranets enable people to connect with the colleagues, content and business applications they need in order to get their jobs done.

To learn more, visit the Constellation ShortList for Employee Digital workspaces.

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