Our vision for employee experience

When work is good,
life is better™

We believe everyone deserves a positive work experience. Great employee experiences are at the heart of what organizations need to help their business— and their people—flourish.

Today’s work-life is complex

How we work will continue to evolve. This calls for a radically different way to connect, engage, and support everyone, from anywhere. This calls for a solution that helps us do more with our employee experience. So we can work, and live, better.


Here’s what we need to do

We need to build cohesive cultures and strengthen our communities, so our people feel inspired, connected, and have a strong sense of belonging. We need to communicate effectively so everyone is equipped with, and has access to, what they need to enable them to do their best work. We need to demand more from our technology to help us deliver a human-centered experience. You need Simpplr.


EX delivery that continuously improves

Simpplr has reimagined the employee experience from the ground up.

Our award-winning technology combines the power of real-time insights, across a unified, seamless, and personalized delivery platform; creating a digital workplace home that brings your employee experience to life.

The world of work is in constant motion. Simpplr’s EX platform dynamically informs where to go next.


Continuous EX improvement

We are the only out-of-the-box EX platform that combines the holistic power of real-time insights and unified digital delivery. In combination, setting up a virtuous circle for continuous EX improvement. Are you ready to learn more?


Deep real-time people insights

Know exactly what your employees need next. Use real-time people insights to understand what your people feel, think, and need to perform and to flourish. Respond in the moment, and move with confidence. Are you ready to learn more?


Unified EX delivery

Give employees a unified experience, not a hodge-podge of apps. Diminish digital frustration and enable people through one seamless, sleek, and beautiful place that employees return to again and again. Are you ready to learn more?


Simple to implement, beautifully designed, a cinch to maintain

Our platform is easy to deploy, delightful to use, and a cinch to maintain—adding up to industry-leading adoption rates and a swift return on investment. IT loves it, Internal Communications can’t live without it, HR professionals treasure it. Best of all, employees feel connected and supported, from anywhere. It’s a win-win. Are you ready to learn more?



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