6 Reasons Why Simpplr is the Best Intranet for Salesforce Customers

Simpplr Best Social Intranet Salesforce ebook

Intranet Software Built on Salesforce: Learn why Simpplr is the best intranet for Salesforce customers

Simpplr’s intranet software is built around the Salesforce platform, making it just as robust and secure as Salesforce. The Simpplr employee intranet has the deepest Salesforce integration available and rests on Salesforce’s cloud for world-class security and scalability.

Download the 6 Reasons Why Simpplr is The Best Intranet for Salesforce Customers eBook to learn how the special Simpplr and Salesforce partnership helps companies:

  • Drive employee engagement and productivity with a modern employee intranet
  • Get more from their Salesforce investment with an employee intranet that can be easily installed and maintained
  • Rest easy with Salesforce’s enterprise-grade security and uptime
  • Scale quickly as they grow without affecting system performance

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