Ditching the desktop: Connecting employees through mobile

If you’re not using communication to engage your employees, you’re losing those employees. Connecting what people do to your overall mission, to your vision as a company, isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ — it’s critical to have.

Hannah Bolte

Director of Marketing and Communication


Get to know Lozier


Lozier Corporation is an industry leader in providing store fixtures to major retailers across the U.S. and around the world. Headquartered in Omaha, Lozier began manufacturing fixtures in 1956, and originated the basics of today’s shelving systems. Today, Lozier has over 4 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space across facilities located in five states. We are committed to quality and service, building our business around integrity and respect, and investing in our people and communities. For more information, visit www.lozier.com.


A modern solution to an age-old problem: Connecting the disconnected


Founded in 1937, Lozier is a leading manufacturer of products used by retailers in stores and warehouses, with a vision to achieve operational excellence for retail’s present and future. The company has 2,100+ employees spread over 10 manufacturing facilities in five locations. 80% of their employees are shift-based plant workers with no access to company email, computers or even tablets.

Updated communication was critical for these frontline workers, who relied on old-school phone calling trees to spread the news about shift changes quickly. When inclement weather forced plant closures, employees often braved the elements to come to work anyway because they had yet to be notified of shift cancellations.

Employees in different locations had no concept of the bigger corporate picture beyond their factories. Without awareness of workers at other sites, or the ability to connect with them, each employee was just a cog in the wheel instead of an integral player in creating products that touch so many lives.


Producing stories, alerts and information as fast and reliable as the nightly newscast


The organization moved quickly to find an intranet with real-time news and communication, and they knew right away that a mobile-first system was the only way to go. The communications they planned to send to all corners of Lozier had to be fully accessible by any employee at any time. Hannah found plenty of intranets tailored to desk workers, but most of Lozier’s workforce are deskless employees — and this challenge led Lozier to Simpplr.

Lozier launched ‘LozierLink’ to deliver a mobile-first experience to shift workers, who are likely to interact with it only on their phones, and to present an equally positive experience to office employees. The team now provides an internet news site experience rather than a newsletter approach, pushing three to four stories out to employees daily.


Lozier enters a new era of employee experience

Labor unions accepted LozierLink within weeks

Published more than 925 articles in a year, with over 210,000 views

Created communication equality for employees in all roles and locations


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