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By Simpplr Research
According to historians, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the corporate intranet. Being web-based, many of the first intranets popped up in the early 1990s along with the broader internet as we know it.

Much has evolved during that time-frame. For example:

  • The first intranets were static bulletin boards. Now intranet trends are dynamic and personalized, and they run the risk of having too much information.
  • Intranets have become social.
  • Intranets have become much easier to setup and configure. According to statistics from the report, they also look better and are easier to use.
  • Intranet integrations with other business systems have been prioritized and built out.

For all the advances, intranets have tremendous room for improvement. This year’s Simpplr State of the Intranet report shows trends and statistics such as many organizations still struggling to keep their intranets thriving. Organizations aren’t aligning with their intranet’s core purposes and objectives. Executive engagement and support continue to ebb and flow. And as technology has advanced to enable more agile and federated use, organizations have struggled with internal processes and governance models. In part, many still have a 1990s mindset about intranets.

Intranet survey - survey results in response to question about clarity of intranet objectives

For example, this year’s intranet survey shows how shockingly few organizations have clearly articulated goals for their intranet:

Every year, Simpplr surveys hundreds of employee communications and IT professionals to understand how companies are engaging with and getting value out of their corporate intranet software technology. You can see last year’s results here. The 2019 survey edition benchmarks statistics such as intranet adoption maturity and seeks to understand how intranets are providing business value.

Intranet survey - link to 2019 report on Simpplr State of Intranet

Download the State of the Intranet 2019 to learn:

  • How organizations are showing ROI and value out of their intranets
  • Which intranet challenges and trends are facing organizations today
  • 2019 statistics regarding employee engagement within corporates intranets
  • Which intranet integrations are shaping the new digital workplace

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