The State of the Intranet 2019 Webinar Recap

By Simpplr Marketing

A week after we published The State of Intranet 2019 eBook, we partnered with IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) to host The State of the Intranet 2019 webinar to showcase our summary of findings and insight. Simpplr just concluded the webinar which drew several hundreds of registrants, making it one of the most widely attended webinars!

Part of this is attributable to our event’s partner, IABC who does a fantastic job bringing forward professionals that are committed to improving the current state of internal communications (and its associated intranet technology). The other part of this success is attributable to focusing our efforts in promoting the Simpplr Research brand that has been taking off and improving over the past year.

But mostly, this is attributable to the research itself. The State of the Intranet 2019 research appears to be in high demand as practitioners look for benchmarking data and maturity frameworks. Over 90% of organizations have intranets, but opinion is mixed when asked how strategic they really are or whether they’re even delivering toward expectations.

The Simpplr blog promoted the same research initiative last week when we first published this year’s report. The webinar, hosted by Sam Keninger, our VP of Marketing & Research, covered the high-level takeaways from this year’s report while the report goes into more detail.

Here are just some 2019 data gathered from our State of Intranet survey:

  • Respondents agree that the top two most important benefits of an intranet are: engaging employees and improving productivity
  • 62% use a configured portal technology such as SharePoint, Google Sites, and Confluence
  • Almost half agree that their intranet has an outdated user experience
  • 40% agree and say it’s hard to find relevant information using their intranet
  • 50% of respondents measure the success of their intranet by the number of active users, followed by usage frequency

We covered this and more insights in the webinar. Watch the webinar presentation below:

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