Work from Home Diary: How Flywire is keeping Employees Engaged using Simpplr

By Hani Khan

Day 15 – Monday, April 6

In just a matter of weeks, employees are finding themselves in a new, yet somehow familiar working environment: their kitchen table. The sudden, mandated shift to working from home presents a host of challenges, particularly when it comes to platforms that enable communications and engagement. 

And popular video and collaboration apps meant for smaller teams don’t always cut it. As social distancing continues, organizations need to understand how to utilize the right technologies to address what’s being neglected: connecting employees to the broader organization. Join Flywire’s Brandi Stawicki, Global People Operations & Communications on Thursday, April 23 to get insights on how they’re connecting employees to the broader organization

As a part of Simpplr’s ‘Work from Home’ Series – we wanted to hear from our customers and get insights for what communication tools are working best as they keep their workforce updated and engaged. 

Flywire, a trusted and valued customer of Simpplr, has shared their Simpplr story on how the organization defined content strategy and utilized technology to scale culture but they recently had to pivot their content strategy in the wake of COVID-19 utilizing Simpplr as their single source of truth.

The transition to remote work was done regionally as government mandates started rolling out with APAC being affected first followed by the EMEA and then the Americas. Flywire saw an uptick in department heads creating and updating sites to communicate consistent messaging and developments across their teams. With the remote work shift starting in APAC, Flywire was able to gauge what communication strategies were most effective and implement best practices as the shift continued across the 12 offices globally. 

With the widespread nature of COVID, Flywire built out a site on their Simpplr intranet platform dedicated with the latest up-to-date news and resources as the world deals with uncertain times. Initially, site managers were placing work from home best practices on the ‘All Company’ site but as the situation started to span longer, they saw an increase in the amount of resources for FlyMates (name for Flywire employees) and moved content to a dedicated site. The site houses a page dedicated to mini affinity slack channels (Remote Flymates to Quarantine Recipes to New Parent Support), a page for Google Hangout sessions and resources for meditation and mental wellness. 

During this time, leadership stepped up to conduct weekly company meetings and used a google form linked on their intranet to solicit what FlyMates wanted to know. The CEO conducts random AMAs to engage and chat with FlyMates.

As we adjust to this new normal, Flywire is building out resources that help keep the ‘water cooler/break room’ vibe alive. They’re encouraging socialization for the first 10 minutes during weekly team meetings, sharing struggles on adjusting to a new work schedule and leadership is emphasizing that it’s okay if kids or pets pop in while on a work call. 

Utilizing a part of their workforce that was already working remotely, Flywire pivoted their ‘A Day in the Life of a FlyMate’ which is a weekly article that highlights FlyMates from different departments, locations and career levels to focus on the work from home strategies of their permanently remote FlyMates/. Getting insight from fellow coworkers helped people get acclimated to their new work lifestyle. 

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