[Webinar Recap] Trends transforming employee experience and company brand in 2021

By Hani Khan
As organizations reimagine the future of work and the hybrid workplace, the employee digital experience will emerge as a key component to maintaining company culture. The past year has led companies to create experiences for their employees that are personalized, engaging and built on connections with a source of truth.

Greenhouse partnered with Simpplr for Trends transforming employee experience and company brand in 2021 featuring Emmett Herrick, Employee Experience Coordinator, as they shared insights on improving the employee experience and connecting a globally dispersed hybrid workforce through a company intranet. 

Webinar Recap: Trends transforming employee experience and company brand in 2021

In the midst of the pandemic, Greenhouse realized there was no strategic vision for communication at their organization making it confusing for employees to find relevant and updated content. A company survey showcased that only 54% of employees knew about their old intranet and were looking for a single source of truth based on clarity of ownership and transparency on published content. 

Discover how Greenhouse developed a strong content management strategy to shape the employee experience through communication using Simpplr.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why a strong internal communication platform is needed for company culture
  • The importance of augmenting accessibility to company information & policies
  • How to transform the intranet and employee experience

Watch the on-demand webinar

Don’t miss this webinar, find out how Greenhouse transitioned to a new intranet for their growing workforce and increased adoption by 52% within 3 months – view the on-demand webinar now!

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