Keys to engaging leadership: The ultimate guide and downloadable worksheet to unlock executive engagement​​

Leadership engagement - worksheet for Simpplr Leadership Engagement Challenge
We are always asked about engaging leadership: How do you get your executive and leadership team invested and involved in your intranet? We want to share a few tips and a worksheet you can challenge your executive team to complete. 

Why is engaging leadership so important?

One of the most powerful arguments for getting executives to engage with employees is to explain the impact of leadership engagement on the bottom line. By spending a small amount of time engaging with employees and the intranet, executives can help improve company culture and customer service — leading to better employee retention, higher productivity and higher profits.

You can then point to specific statistics to help support your case for executive engagement.

Stats from Gallup like:

  • Organizations with highly engaged employees see an average of 21% higher profitability.
  • Companies with high levels of executive engagement have up to 59% more engaged employees.
  • Technology companies with highly engaged employees have 31% more productive employees than those with less engaged employees. Additionally, those with engaged executives are up to 2.5 times more likely to have highly engaged employees.
  • A report by WTW indicated that companies with leaders who actively communicate and engage with their employees are four times more likely to have high levels of employee engagement.
  • A study by Weber Shandwick found that in companies where executives maintain a visible presence, employees are 1.6 times more likely to stay committed to the organization and its goals.

These benefits are partly due to leadership engagement’s trickle-down effect on the rest of the company.

When executives are engaged, you are more likely to encourage and promote engagement at all levels of the organization.

Executives are busy, so keeping the message concise and focused on the benefits to them and the organization is key. You want to avoid overwhelming them with too much information. Once you’ve made your case for executive engagement, you could suggest a few small actions to take each week to make an impact.

Take the leadership engagement challenge

You know the importance of engaging your employees, but it can be tough to find time for this important work for busy executives. Our free guide and checklist for engaging leaders, Take the leadership engagement challenge, make it easy. Plus, it includes real-world examples and step-by-step instructions.

Click here to download the guide and worksheet now.

Research shows that engaged executives have a measurable impact on revenue and employee happiness and retention. We hope this resource is helpful in creating a culture of leadership engagement that will benefit your employees, your organization, and your bottom line.

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