Maximizing output: A comprehensive guide to boosting employee productivity

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Get actionable tips and strategies for increasing productivity — without burning out your workforce

Is your organization struggling to keep teams active and engaged — producing to their full potential — no matter where they work? You’re not alone. While technology has accelerated workforce productivity and allowed organizations to produce more in less time, recent research shows that many workers have hit a wall — with 68% of employees saying they’re not fully engaged at work. And their disengagement significantly impacts their productivity. Gallup estimates the cost of lost productivity due to employee disengagement at $8.8 trillion per year.

But there are solutions. With the right tools, training and expectations, you can improve employee engagement, efficiency, effectiveness and motivation — maximizing employee productivity … and improving your bottom line. In this free ebook, Maximizing output: A comprehensive guide to boosting employee productivity, we’ll show you how.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • What employee productivity is — and what it isn’t
  • Why remote worker productivity is so important
  • Proven strategies for boosting productivity in the digital workplace
  • Different methods for measuring productivity + available tools
  • The technology you need to support employees and encourage teams to do their best work, all while boosting company success and profits
  • Real-world success stories to inspire your journey to increased employee productivity

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