Keeping company values fresh with Ann Melinger, CEO & Owner of Brilliant Ink

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This episode features an interview with Ann Melinger, CEO and Owner of Brilliant Ink, an agency dedicated to designing meaningful employee experiences. Ann has spent the last two decades counseling organizations on improving business results and employee engagement.

In this episode, Amanda and Ann discuss refreshing company values, engaging with hands-on employees, and how language factors into inclusivity.

02:33 Why keeping company values fresh is important
14:12 Segment: Story Time
20:10 Segment: Getting Tactical
24:55 Why hands-on employees are at higher risk for burnout
31:15 How language factors into inclusivity
38:40 Segment: Asking For a Friend 

Guest information

Ann Melinger

I’ve spent the last 20+ years counseling organizations on improving employee engagement and business results. Employee engagement is my passion and I believe strongly in the role that communications plays in helping people feel good about the work they do every day. I believe my work has meaning, positively affecting experiences for my clients’ employees all over the world. After all, we spend at least a third of our waking hours at work – shouldn’t those hours be meaningful and inspiring?

Today, I lead a brilliant team of employee engagement experts at Brilliant Ink. We partner with companies large and small to assess and improve key moments of their employee experiences, ultimately to give power to your people – it’s our passion and our purpose.

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