Simpplr spotlight release: New product features and updates

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From an AI-powered Writing assistant to super-charged Neural search and more, here’s what’s new at Simpplr with the latest release.    

Simpplr’s newest product updates make it easier than ever for organizations to deliver a seamless, cohesive, and personalized employee experience. Read on for highlights from our newest release and request a demo to see these features in action!

AI-powered Writing assistant

GenAI is all the buzz, and we’ve seen how impactful it can be — helping us with productivity, efficiency and creativity. We brought that innovation into our platform to help customers scale content publication and responsibilities more efficiently.

With our new AI-powered smart writing tool, Writing assistant, intranet contributors can now generate “smart content” based on prompts. Through our user-friendly interface, users can determine the tone, format and intent of the content, effortlessly integrating any relevant company values.

Writing assistant leverages generative AI to help users create, edit and summarize content, saving time and increasing employee productivity.

Purpose-built for work

Security is one of our highest priorities, and we ensure a secure and private instance for each customer where absolutely no data is stored or used to train anything else. The information you enter cannot be accessed by outside parties, and information entered is not stored.

Writing assistant also supports a global workforce with multiple languages. We’ve heard from customers that translation is critical for content publishers, especially those with offices around the world. This is an excellent way to translate documents, procedures, and announcements quickly and securely — without paying for additional tools.

To ensure brand consistency and company values throughout the platform, our Writing assistant helps everyone enforce the appropriate tone and language that reflects your company’s values.

Work faster

Writing assistant helps you generate and copyedit content so you can work faster.

What used to take you 30 minutes can take up to 30 seconds.

This tool also recommends more consumable formats, such as listing content in bullet points, to help with engagement.

Write better

For the non-writers and employees responsible for publishing content, Writing assistant helps them communicate with clarity and feel supported and more confident.

Note: App managers can enable or disable this feature, and users can also modify existing content with the Writing assistant.

Employee engagement surveys

Measuring employee engagement is a vital component of an organization’s success. Engaged employees can result in increased productivity, better employee retention and improved workplace morale.

In our pursuit to provide valuable insights into employee experiences, we’ve introduced a third survey type — Employee Engagement Survey.

This new addition is designed to capture a baseline measure of employee satisfaction and provide actionable insights for improving the overall employee experience. Survey analytics provide participation rates, sentiments from across the company based on Likert scales, and anonymous feedback left by your employees.

We’ve added employee engagement surveys as part of the Employee Listening add-on product.

Hybrid neural search

Search continues to be the most common way for users to find information, helping employees in their day to day. Traditional search is highly dependent on users typing in the correct keywords, and even the right spelling.

Hybrid neural search is a technical way to describe a machine learning tool that learns by example to make smarter decisions. It learns from a user’s search intent.

Neural search shifts the entire search experience from traditional keywords to a much more powerful hybrid search to get the best of both worlds.

Employees get more relevant, accurate and personalized search results. Now they can find what they need, reducing frustration and improving productivity.

Note: This feature is being gradually rolled out, and is not immediately available to all customers.

My team dashboard recommendations and nudges

We built the My team dashboard to give people managers the information they need to understand and activate their team.

In our latest release, we’re taking this a step further to give people managers the best next steps to take action on. We’re introducing a list of recommended actions that includes a description, insight and suggestions that inform people managers why and how.

These actionable steps help guide managers to connect and engage with their team.

This is another way to remind and bring employees back onto the intranet to stay informed and engaged.

Each recommended action includes:

  • Direct report’s name
  • Outstanding item
  • Impact on team health score
  • Explains the importance
  • A “nudge” button to facilitate the action

For example, if a direct report hasn’t viewed a must-read in 30 days, their manager will now be able to send them a “nudge” as a gentle reminder.

50+ HRIS integrations

Automation is one of our platform pillars, and our goal is to reduce as many administrative tasks as possible.

If you’re using an HR system and still having to manually sync or provision people data, this one will pump you up.

In addition to native integration with the most well-known people data sources,* Simpplr’s merge connectors effortlessly integrate many other HRIS systems to the modern intranet, in just a few steps.

In this release, Sage HR and Hibob HR integrations have been added to allow users to keep people data up to date using the daily scheduler or manual job.

* including Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta, Salesforce, Workday and UKG Pro

Corporate company color palette

Simpplr’s Brand editor allows App and Branding managers to change the visual appearance of the intranet to reflect company branding. This release adds a company color palette to the branding editor.

This new feature helps strengthen branding and consistency across the platform.

With this highly requested update, branding managers can now select up to five colors as a part of the company color palette. Once they create this palette, the chosen brand colors will be available as default when creating content, for example, in the text editor.

Note: You’re not limited to the five colors you assign to the color palette. This is a library of pre-chosen colors matching your company’s branding. Every branding component of the intranet is still customizable with any color(s) you want.

That’s a wrap … for now.

If you’re an existing customer, we hope these new Simpplr product features and updates take your employee communications to the next level. And if you’re not yet benefiting from all that Simpplr has to offer, be sure to request a demo today to learn more!

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