Simpplr Acquires, an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

September 19, 2023 By Carolyn Clark

Simpplr’s new product amps up employee productivity by answering day-to-day questions anywhere, anytime

Redwood City, CA – September 19, 2023Simpplr, the lead employee experience platform, has today expanded its strategic footprint with the acquisition of, a generative AI powered virtual employee assistant. As becomes an integral part of Simpplr’s expanding portfolio of top-tier digital workplace solutions, this move reinforces Simpplr’s dedication to transforming the employee experience. By unifying employee engagement, enablement, and services using cutting-edge AI, Simpplr’s vision is to deliver a seamless and personalized work journey for every employee, no matter where or how they work.

“Empowering employees is at the forefront of our mission. We’re applying AI in the work world by taking the essence of human interaction and addressing real challenges,” said Dhiraj Sharma, Simpplr Founder & CEO. “We’re not only transforming the employee experience but alleviating the pressures on IT and HR departments, resulting in increased employee productivity. This acquisition underscores our commitment to innovation and our unwavering focus on applying AI to solve tangible employee experience problems.” revolutionizes the way organizations approach employee experiences. By seamlessly integrating diverse content sources, chatbots, enterprise applications, and employee pathways, it stands as a transformative tool, especially in centralizing HR and IT information. Through its unified conversational interface, employees no longer need to switch between multiple applications. They can effortlessly obtain answers to their questions and manage tasks on-the-go, regardless of time or location. This not only augments productivity but also refines processes like onboarding, payroll, and performance management. The result is an elevated employee engagement level and optimized efficiency, ensuring employees can devote more time to their primary roles.

“We’re all in on Simpplr’s mission to transform the work experience and have witnessed firsthand how Simpplr’s modern intranet can supercharge an organization’s performance,” said Melissa Swisher, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder. “Together, Simpplr and will simplify enterprise complexity, merging the power of consumer-like experiences with impactful ROI and enriched employee interactions.”

Many factors impact employee productivity, but system and information overload is at the top. The average desk worker may toggle between business apps and websites nearly 1,2001 times a day. Organizations can focus on improving the bottom line by saving employees time and removing complexity from everyday work.

Leveraging virtual assistants can yield immediate ROI, enhance self-service functionalities, and provide actionable insights. empowers IT and HR departments to establish a digital workplace that is not only operationally efficient but also user-centric and optimized for resources.

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About Simpplr

Simpplr is the modern intranet that transforms the work experience for all employees – wherever and however they work. Simpplr is the only platform that unifies employee engagement, enablement, and services, leveraging state-of-the-art AI models to deliver a seamless, cohesive, personalized employee experience. Wherever people work, Simpplr enables them to flourish.

Trusted by more than 700+ leading brands, including Snowflake, Moderna, Eurostar, and AAA, Simpplr’s customers are achieving measurable productivity gains, increased employee engagement, and accelerated business performance.

Simpplr is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, with offices in the UK, Canada, and India, and is backed by Norwest Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Tola Capital. Learn more at


Carolyn Clark
VP, Employee Experience Strategy, Simpplr

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