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Simpplr Podcast Ep 26 with Victoria Dew, CEO of Dewpoint Communications

This episode features an interview with Victoria Dew, CEO of Dewpoint Communications. Victoria is a leader of employee experience and future of work, with more than 15 years of global internal communications expertise.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Victoria to discuss how the pandemic affected DE&I, what we can learn from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and why to stop waiting for a seat at the table.

01:41 Victoria’s background
06:19 Victoria’s role at Dewpoint Communications
07:35 Segment: Getting Tactical
08:16 The ideal employee experience according to Victoria
12:44 How Dewpoint Communications improves employee experience
14:49 Mistakes companies make that hurt the employee experience
22:04 Segment: Ripped From the Headlines
22:50 How DE&I has been impacted by remote work
35:57 Segment: Asking for a Friend
36:15 Challenges IC will face in the future

Guest information

Victoria Dew

Both in-house and as a consultant and coach, Victoria has consistently demonstrated that strategic internal/employee communications can have significant ROI for *every* business. Her experience in the US and Asia-Pacific spans more than a dozen industries and sectors, including some of the world’s largest technology and Fortune 50 companies. As a certified business coach, she loves helping fellow entrepreneurs to build, lead, and grow their own companies that make a positive impact in the world. Victoria holds the Strategic Communications Management Professional (SCMP) certification, the highest global communications certification available, and the only professional communications certification in the world to achieve ANSI ISO 17024. She is a past global chair of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC.) Victoria holds a BA from Skidmore College, an MA from King’s College London, a PG Dip in Communications Management from Massey University, and a Cert MS in Business Administration from Victoria University of Wellington.

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