How a good employee experience shapes a better customer experience with Mary Poppen, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 19 with Mary Poppen, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at

This episode features an interview with Mary Poppen, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at With over 2 decades of experience in customer success, executive leadership, and business consulting, Mary is dedicated to advancing the next generation of CX leaders.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Mary to discuss how a great customer experience can lead to happy employees and how to measure employee and customer satisfaction.

01:44 Mary’s background
04:22 Segment: Story Time
06:41 The link between employee experience and customer satisfaction
09:32 Segment: Getting Tactical
11:19 ROI when connecting employee and customer experience
19:13 Best practices for tracking employee and customer satisfaction
21:46 What is doing to keep employees and customers happy
24:22 Segment: Asking for a Friend
27:48 Biggest challenges of connecting the customer and employee experience

Guest information

Mary Poppen

Before joining, Mary was Glint’s Chief Customer Officer at LinkedIn. Mary was responsible for driving and scaling the company’s ability to delight customers. Prior to that, she was the Chief Customer Officer for SAP’s Global Cloud business and Chief Customer Officer for SuccessFactors before that. With over two decades of experience in customer success, business consulting, and executive leadership, Mary frequently speaks at global events and has authored several publications in this space.

She’s a proud wife and mother of two boys, holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, loves to travel and exercise, and she’s passionate about Customer Intelligence and developing the next generation of CS/CX leaders!

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