Improving business outcomes through psychological safety

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 36 with Will Leahy and Layla Kajer at Greenhouse

This episode features an interview with Will Leahy, VP of People Development and Business Partners at Greenhouse; and Layla Kajer, Director of People Experience at Greenhouse. Will leads people development, focusing on optimizing performance, career growth, and driving culture. Layla spearheads people experience where she creates productive, connected, and empowering work environments for employees.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Will and Layla as they dive into psychological safety, vulnerability, and leading by example.

02:09 Will and Layla’s backgrounds
07:40 Will and Layla explain the mission of Greenhouse
09:38 Segment: Story Time
10:11 The importance of psychological safety in the workplace
22:57 The impact of layoffs on psychological safety
25:28 Segment: Getting Tactical 
29:32 How Greenhouse is ensuring behaviors are mirrored by leaders and employees
40:25 How Greenhouse is tackling DE&I
47:30 Segment: Asking For a Friend

Guest information

Will Leahy

Will leads the people development function at Greenhouse, growing the talent that makes our company such a special place work. His team focuses on optimizing performance, team dynamics, career growth, learning & development, and driving culture.

Will’s had the opportunity to learn at companies like LinkedIn, Hulu, Virgin, and GoDaddy. His passion is helping people say “this is the best year of my career” while finding a way to prioritize well-being.

Will has his masters in Learning & Organizational Change from Northwestern and lives in Temecula, CA with his wife Faye, daughter Lake, and doggy Niles (not to mention another little one on the way). You can find Will on a trail run every weekend and enjoying playtime with his daughter Lake.


Layla Kajer

Layla Kajer leads People Experience at Greenhouse, the hiring software company with a mission to help every company become great at hiring. She creates productive, connected and empowering work environments for employees.

Layla has spent her career working with top leaders across industries – from technology and financial services to biotech – during times of transition. She’s passionate about creating powerfully inclusive cultures and breaking molds around how we work and how we lead.

Most recently, she co-founded The Narrative House, a creative consultancy focused on bringing strategy, culture and vision to life. Prior to founding The Narrative House, Layla was Director at Oliver Wyman, and Partner and global branding firm Lippincott.

She has a B.S in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Based in Denver with her partner and two young kids, you’ll find Layla on the trails of nearby foothills or skiing in her beloved San Juan mountains. Her active lifestyle is mostly to offset her not-so-secret desire to be a pastry chef.

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