Innovation in internal comms and why we have to set an example with Kristin Hancock, Vice President of Community and Engagement at ICology

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About the episode


This episode features an interview with Kristin Hancock, Vice President of Community and Engagement at ICology. Kristin’s passion for communications fueled her career at organizations like Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Wish Foundation. Kristin has over a decade of experience connecting humans through meaningful messages. She also has a flair for astrology and offers birth chart readings for people and pets!

In this episode, Amanda and Kristin discuss how ICology improves culture, how to make connections instead of network, and Kristin reads Amanda’s birth chart.

01:50 Kristin’s background
04:50 Kristin’s role at ICology
06:05 Segment: Story Time
07:09 Kristin reads Amanda’s birth chart
11:04 How astrology impacts Kristin’s view of internal communications
12:57 Segment: Getting Tactical
14:46 How ICology builds community
20:39 Segment: Seat at the Table
21:42 The importance of making connections
28:27 Segment: Asking for a Friend
30:06 Challenges IC professionals are facing

Guest information

Kristin Hancock

Kristin stays busy connecting internal communicators through ICology, a company she founded with her partner Chuck Gose. With over 10 years of experience in the corporate world and a recent immigration under her belt, Kristin is well-versed in how human connection improves both.

Kristin is a graduate of the joint Creative Communications program at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. The passion she developed during her education fueled her to create meaningful impact for organizations like Ronald McDonald House and the Children’s Wish Foundation. Impossibly big projects excite Kristin the most and she believes strongly in leaning in, giving back, and erring on the side of taking action.

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