Internal Comms mistakes, perceptions, and inspirations with Carolyn Clark, Julie Miller, & Paralee Johnson

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About the episode

Simpplr Podcast Ep 31 with Carolyn Clark, Julie Miller, & Paralee Johnson

This episode features a roundtable discussion with Carolyn Clark, VP of Employee Experience Strategy and Transformation at Simpplr; Julie Miller, Senior Internal Communications Specialist at Simpplr; and Paralee Johnson, Senior Manager of Community and Content at Simpplr.

In this episode, Carolyn, Julie, and Paralee discuss how they wish Internal Comms to be perceived, learning from their mistakes, and trends they’re looking forward to in 2023.

02:37 The panelists discuss their backgrounds and roles at Simpplr
08:11 How Internal Comms is viewed and how they wish that would change
10:54 How to show the value of data
14:31 How to create a unified understanding of success
16:41 How to onboard stakeholders
20:44 The panelists discuss past mistakes and how they learned from them
32:57 How the panelists found their voices to speak up
39:13 What Internal Comms can learn from other departments
50:03 Rapid fire Internal Comms questions

Guest information

Carolyn Clark

Carolyn Clark is the Vice President of Employee Experience Strategy & Transformation of Simpplr, an employee experience platform. A seasoned leader, with deep roots in employee communications and employee experience, Carolyn joined to help Simpplr elevate the employee experience by driving innovation and reimagining how employee communication is delivered in today’s world.

Throughout her career, Clark has intentionally diversified her experience to all facets of communication. From producing broadcast news to consumer and product public relations, media relations and corporate communication. Before joining Simpplr, Clark led internal and HR communication at major tech companies including Yahoo, Oath (Verizon Media), Pandora, GoDaddy, and Opendoor. Clark has led countless transitions, navigated more crises than she can count, and shepherded thousands of employees through complex acquisitions and integrations. She has a passion for navigating difficult situations and an ability to drive employee experience strategy through complicated corporate issues.

Julie Miller

Julie is a natural brainstormer and communicator, with a flair for diagnosis. An analytical problem solver, skilled operator, and expert influencer that is constantly reframing the problem to design elegant, intuitive solutions. Julie leads Simpplr’s internal communications initiatives, and works closely with executives and employees to ensure streamlined and effective communications and process across the organization.

Paralee Johnson

Paralee is a seasoned communication leader focused on the human experience of employees. She uses strategy, creative solutions, and partnerships to make an impact.

Paralee has a deep passion for the employee experience and sees her sphere of influence as an opportunity to represent an audience-first mentality. Building relationships is the foundation for a thriving community and comms strategy. As a go-to person for brainstorming, Paralee always looks for creative ways to solve problems. She channels curiosity to understand the why and advocates for the human experience. She is a connector of people, thoughts, community, and processes.

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