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Simpplr’s Live EX and The Future of Employee Experience with Parag Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer at Simpplr

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About the Guest


Parag Kulkarni

With almost 25 years of experience as a technology leader, Parag leads Simpplr’s engineering and technology teams in developing this generation-defining platform. Through an acute focus on engineering excellence and customer-driven road mapping, Parag will ensure that Simpplr customers continue to receive unparalleled value from the leading employee experience platform. Before joining Simpplr, Parag served as the Senior Vice President of SaaS Engineering at Nutanix. During his career at Nutanix, Parag developed advanced Saas applications and systems across the entire customer and partner life cycle.

About the Episode

This episode features an interview with Parag Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer at Simpplr. Parag has nearly 25 years of experience as a technology industry leader. Previously, Parag was the Senior Vice President of SaaS Engineering at Nutanix where he developed modern SaaS applications covering the customer and partner lifecycle. Parag is now heading Simpplr’s engineering and technology teams to create more value for its customers. In this episode, Amanda and Parag discuss Simpplr’s new employee communication software Live EX, intranets and employee engagement, and the personalization of communications.

Time Stamps

  • 01:44

    Parag’s background

  • 05:02

    Segment: Story Time

  • 05:16

    Simpplr’s Live EX function and what makes it different

  • 08:00

    How Live EX helps drive employee engagement

  • 13:55

    How Simpplr personalizes data to communicate with employees

  • 19:24

    How people use Simpplr to get to know each other

  • 23:14

    Segment: Ripped From the Headlines

  • 23:27

    How organizations can use Live EX to minimize employee turnover

  • 25:36

    Segment: Asking For a Friend

  • 28:10

    Parag’s advice for those hesitant to change the employee experience