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Simpplr Podcast Ep 15 with Annette Reavis, Chief People Officer at Envoy

This episode features an interview with Annette Reavis, Chief People Officer at Envoy. Annette is an HR and business leader with over 20 years of experience. After spending 10 years at Facebook as the Vice President of HR, Annette retired. But not for long. She soon became the Chief People Officer of Root Inc. and now, Annette holds the same position at Envoy.

In this episode, Annette and Amanda dive into work-life blend versus work-life balance, the modern employee experience, and how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion functions can improve.

01:55 Annette’s background
06:45 Segment: Storytime
06:55 How Annette handled the pandemic at a new company
10:46 The value of “unstructured skill-building”
12:27 Annette’s journey as a Black woman in leadership
15:00 How DE&I functions can improve
17:18 How Annette handled COVID and social justice issues as a leader
19:08 Segment: Getting Tactical
21:09 Why Annette loves coaching leaders
23:19 The modern employee experience
28:40 Work/life balance vs. work/life blend
34:27 Segment: Asking For a Friend

Guest information

Annette Reavis

Annette is an innovative human resource professional with a unique ability to blend sound human resource principles with real-world business expertise. She has over 20 years experience in both HR/business and brings a unique background to the table.

Annette was most recently Chief People Officer at startup Root. Before Root, she spent a decade at Facebook leading HR for multiple teams: product, marketing, growth & integrity, community operations, and partnerships.

Before Facebook, Annette spent years at HP, Yahoo!, and Deloitte & Touche in HR leadership where she built up her skills in talent strategy, business partnerships, culture and team building, training and development, and mentoring.

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