The modern onboarding Eexperience with Debbie Gunning, Vice President of People at Human Interest

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 18 with Debbie Gunning, Vice President of People at Human Interest

This episode features an interview with Debbie Gunning, Vice President of People at Human Interest. Debbie has spent the last 24 years building powerful business teams through talent acquisition, employee relations, and workplace culture.

In this episode, Amanda and Debbie dive into employee onboarding. They discuss the relationship between onboarding and employee retention, the importance of culture during this time, and how Debbie’s team transitioned to a virtual onboarding experience.

01:44 Debbie’s background
04:14 Segment: Story Time
04:37 How Human Interest is tackling the pandemic world
06:12 Segment: Getting Tactical
07:24 How a good onboarding experience leads to employee retention
12:34 How Human Interest switched to virtual onboarding
22:47 Don’ts of employee onboarding
25:52 How Debbie is bringing culture into onboarding
29:31 Segment: Asking for a Friend

Guest information

Debbie Gunning

Debbie is a passionate and veteran HR and People leader, having spent the last 24 years creating memorable candidate experiences, innovating employer branding, and building amazing teams by helping hire top-notch talent for the right jobs. Debbie’s career began in recruiting where she worked for companies like The Stepo Group and Xero.

Now, Debbie is the Vice President of People at Human Interest where she has been managing the complexities of a geographically distributed workforce since COVID began. Two years ago, Human Interest was a 50-person office in San Francisco. When the company entered a period of rapid growth, its hiring needs accelerated. Today, Human Interest boasts over 700 employees, two thirds of whom are full-time remote workers.

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