The ROI of employee recognition with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO & owner of Local Wisdom

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 32 with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO & owner of Local Wisdom

This episode features an interview with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO and owner of Local Wisdom, a digital communications agency. Pinaki’s experience spans two decades serving global Fortune companies, startups, and multi-industry agencies. He’s also the co-founder of Resource Hero, Vice President of Professional Development for the IABC Tristate Area Chapter, and a Business Mentor for WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Pinaki to discuss his communications team maturity model, the ROI of employee recognition, and the value of a digital communications presence.

02:12 Pinaki’s career journey
10:02 Segment: Story Time
10:58 How Pinaki quantifies the ROI of employee recognition
17:16 How leaders can institute employee recognition
22:41 Segment: Getting Tactical
23:07 Pinaki explains his communications team maturity model
29:37 Must-haves for a good internal comms team
34:15 Metrics internal communicators can use to show ROI
38:40 Changes to the communications team maturity model

Guest information

Pinaki Kathiari

Pinaki Kathiari is the CEO of Local Wisdom, a leader in digital communications, an international speaker on communications, and co-founder of Resource Hero.
At this level of expertise, Kathiari has positioned Local Wisdom as the agency that gives clients the headspace to be strategic leaders by taking on the nuts and bolts of their communication strategy. As co-founder of Resource Hero, he has created a 5-star-rated Salesforce app aimed at helping managers optimize their team’s workload.
With two decades of experience working with global Fortune companies, conglomerate interactive agencies, and startups; Kathiari has mastered skills in audience awareness and employee engagement to boost brand reputation, sales, productivity, and quality. As a force in digital culture, Kathiari is very much driven by his ability to harness, mix and remix the collective wisdom in the room to create beautiful things and win-win scenarios.
When he’s not doing all that, Pinaki sits on the board of the IABC New York Tristate Area Chapter as Vice President of Professional Development and has been a Business Mentor for WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. for over five years. Additionally, Pinaki enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and three children, fitness, being a gamer, listening to audiobooks, and honing his dj’ing skills.

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