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Simpplr Podcast Ep 2 with Rajamma Krishnamurthy
01:50 How Rajamma got into human resources
03:20 Rajamma’s current role as senior director of HR technology at Microsoft
04:55 Focusing on the individual user experience at such a large scale
07:55 Storytime
13:50 Getting Tactical
20:40 How Rajamma stays ahead of the trends of HR technology
22:50 One tech change Rajamma would implement immediately if she could
24:35 What’s not getting enough attention in employee experience
26:22 Ripped From the Headlines
29:00 Asking for a Friend
32:02 Advice Rajamma gives for women who want to break into tech
35:15 The next big shift Rajamma sees coming out of the hybrid working experience

Guest information

Rajamma Krishnamurthy

Rajamma has spent more than twenty years in Fortune 500 companies driving all facets of Human Resources Technology. She has successfully led large scale global digital transformations. She is passionate about leveraging the power of cloud and data to create productive and engaging experiences, with expertise on Digital HR and Employee experience vision and Roadmap development. She is a Prolific speaker at Digital HR conferences on Experiences and People Analytics. Currently acts as advisor and mentor for various companies in the HR technology sector. Additionally a member of the NYU advisory board for Masters program and Research center on HR Analytics and Future of work.

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