Simpplr vs. Workplace by Meta: An in-depth intranet comparison for 2024

Simpplr vs Workplace Intranet Comparison Guide

Did Meta's shutdown of Workplace leave you stranded? As Meta shifts its focus to AI and metaverse technologies, it is discontinuing Workplace, its enterprise communication platform. By May 2026, Workplace will be fully decommissioned, leaving many businesses in need of a new solution for team communication and productivity.

Now more than ever, you need a reliable and powerful Workplace by Meta alternative to ensure your organization’s seamless communication and collaboration. This is where Simpplr steps in as the leading choice.

While Simpplr and Workplace share many features aimed at enhancing team communication and productivity, Simpplr takes it a step further by offering advanced AI capabilities, a more intuitive user interface, and, most importantly, superior integration options.

Timeline of important dates for Workplace by Meta sunset

Understanding the timeline and implications of this shutdown is crucial for organizations planning their next steps. To help you navigate this transition, here are the key dates to keep in mind:

  • August 31, 2025: The deadline for users to continue using Workplace by Meta.
  • September 1, 2025 – May 31, 2026: Workplace by Meta will be free of charge and only accessible to read and download existing data.
  • June 1, 2026: Existing data will be deleted, and access to Workplace will be terminated.

Implications for users after Workplace by Meta discontinuation

As a current Workplace by Meta user, you face significant disruption. With the platform shutting down, you must find a new solution for your team’s communication and collaboration. This shutdown will affect your existing processes and data, requiring immediate action.

From September 1, 2025, to May 31, 2026, you can only access your data in a read-only format. All data will be deleted after June 1, 2026, and access will be terminated. This makes it crucial to back up your data and plan your migration now.

You need a reliable alternative like Simpplr that not only matches but surpasses Workplace in functionality. The right choice will ensure a smooth transition and maintain your team’s productivity and engagement.

Simpplr vs Workplace from Meta: Insights from analysts and reviews

G2: Simpplr vs Workplace

In the G2 star rating comparison, Simpplr garners an impressive 4.7 stars, while Workplace by Meta trails closely with 4 stars.

G2 comparison highlights:

When assessing the two solutions, G2 reviewers found Simpplr the preferred choice over Workplace from Meta. Here’s why:

  • Ease of use: Simpplr is lauded for being easier to use, set up, and administer.
  • Better fit for business needs: Reviewers find that Simpplr meets their business needs more effectively than Workplace from Meta.
  • Superior product support: Simpplr shines with its quality of ongoing product support, winning over reviewers.
  • Forward-thinking roadmap: Reviewers appreciate Simpplr’s direction for feature updates and roadmaps, indicating continued innovation.

Gartner: Simpplr vs Workplace

In the Gartner Peer Insights star rating comparison, Simpplr achieves a solid 4.6 stars, edging past Workplace by Meta’s 4.2 stars.

Simpplr highlighted review:

“Great customer service, easy to implement.
Overall my experience has been great with Simpplr. Their platform is very user friendly and easy to get up to speed with for roll out. The visuals are crisp, modern and clean!”

Workplace by Meta highlighted review:

“Great product for team communications, difficult to integrate.
It’s a great app for enterprise communications to create communities and employees to interact with each other and share info.”

In summary, both G2 and Gartner reviews agree: Simpplr is the better pick over Workplace from Meta. Simpplr’s easy-to-use interface, strong support, and future plans make it a top choice for businesses aiming to improve internal communication effortlessly.

Analyst reports review:

While Workplace by Meta didn’t meet the criteria for inclusion in either the Gartner Magic Quadrant or the Forrester Wave report, Simpplr stands out as the industry leader across both analyst reports.

Gartner disqualified intranet packaged solutions that did not include content services, a common UI framework, and security and access management (at a bare minimum). The Forrester Wave report included only cloud-first intranet platforms with a minimum annual product revenue of $10M, deployments that can scale to 5,000+ employees, and active interest among Forrester clients.

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Intranet Packaged Solutions:

Best employee intranet platform. Simpplr named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Intranet Packaged Solutions

The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q1 2022

Simpplr named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Intranet platforms, Q1 2022

Comparing features: Simpplr vs. Workplace by Meta

Both platforms enhance internal communication, collaboration, and employee engagement within organizations. Here, we’ll compare features you might be familiar with as a Workplace by Meta customer to what Simpplr offers:

Content and knowledge management

Workplace by Meta’s Knowledge Library allows users to create “Categories” for organizing content and adjusting access permissions. This method requires manual tagging and organizing, which could be time-consuming and less intuitive for employees searching for specific information.

Simpplr streamlines this with its AI-powered search bar, enabling employees to find content effortlessly, much like Google. This feature supports over 200 integrations, pulling in documents from Google Docs, Box files, and more, ensuring a comprehensive and unified search result. Simpplr’s search results are tailored to individual employee needs, making the search process more efficient and user-friendly.

Feature Workplace by Meta Simpplr
Content Organization Manual “Categories” AI-powered search
Integration Limited 200+ out of the box integrations
Search Functionality Basic Federated, AI-powered, personalized
User Experience Manual and segmented Unified and intuitive

News feed

Workplace’s News Feed keeps employees updated with company activities based on their interactions and connections. It allows for company-wide announcements, posts, and video updates, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Simpplr’s News Feed personalizes content, showing relevant updates based on role, location, preferences, and permission settings. Employees can filter and curate their feeds, ensuring they see only the most pertinent information. This tailored approach improves engagement and keeps employees informed about the most relevant company updates.

Feature Workplace by Meta Simpplr
Content Personalization Based on interactions and connections Role, location, preferences, and permissions
Engagement Tools Posts, comments, reactions Enhanced filtering and curation, recognition capabilities (in addition to posts, comments, reactions)
User Experience Basic customization Highly personalized and intuitive

Surveys and polls

Workplace Surveys allows you to check your organization’s pulse by sending out short, automated surveys via Workplace Chat or email. You can choose from topics like employee satisfaction and intention to stay, and gather fast anonymous feedback. These surveys provide actionable insights to help you improve the employee experience.

Simpplr takes employee feedback to the next level with a built-in pulse, engagement, and ad hoc surveys. It offers continuous insights by analyzing real-time data across various channels, revealing trends, patterns, and themes. Simpplr’s AI-powered listening captures underlying sentiments and emotions, helping you identify pain points and areas for improvement. This approach enables you to drive measurable change and address unspoken needs swiftly.

Feature Workplace by Meta Simpplr
Survey Types Pulse surveys Pulse, engagement, ad hoc surveys
Delivery Method Workplace Chat, email Multiple channels, including platform interactions
Insight Generation Basic, actionable insights AI-powered, real-time sentiment, and continuous insights
Customization and Themes Limited Nearly 100 science-backed questions, diverse themes

Employee recognition

Workplace facilitates employee recognition through features like posts, badges, and shoutouts in the News Feed, helping to boost morale and acknowledge achievements. Automated recognition through bots streamlines the process, and group interactions encourages the sharing of success stories.

Simpplr takes recognition further by seamlessly integrating it into your workflow. You can show appreciation meaningfully with customizable digital badges reflecting your company’s values. Plus, you can offer tangible rewards like gift cards or company swag to amplify the impact. Simpplr’s comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights, ensuring everyone gets the recognition they deserve. With recurring awards and manager dashboards, promoting a culture of praise and engagement becomes effortless.

Feature Workplace by Meta Simpplr
Integration Approach Requires external bots for integrations Native, unified approach
Analytics Limited analytics Comprehensive recognition insights
Manager Engagement Group interactions Manager dashboards for engagement and alerts

Auto-translate (vs Simpplr’s auto-translate)

Workplace supports auto-translation for 91 languages, facilitating communication in multinational companies. This feature automatically translates posts in the news feed into the user’s preferred language, promoting better understanding and inclusivity.

Simpplr enhances this with support for 133 languages. It uses Google Translate for user-generated content (pages/blogs, etc.) However, for application language support, our localization is powered by a professional team that we partner with called Babble-On.

This means that users with their language set to one of the supported languages in their Simpplr profile settings will automatically see the translated application content (header, footer, menus, actions, etc.) in their preferred language. This ensures all employees can interact with the platform, promoting inclusivity and understanding across global teams.

Feature Workplace by Meta Simpplr
Supported Languages 91 133
Translation Method Auto-translate for posts Google Auto-Translate for content, professional localization for app language
User Experience Basic translation Comprehensive and professional

Why Simpplr is the leading Workplace by Meta alternative

As a current user seeking solutions similar to Workplace By Meta, you want a platform beyond Workplace’s capabilities. Simpplr is that solution. With advanced features tailored to enhance your employee experience, Simpplr is the top choice. Here’s why:

Leading in AI: The Simpplr advantage

Simpplr’s innovative AI and machine learning capabilities set it apart. With Simpplr’s Employee Experience AI, you can expect a platform that deeply engages employees, improves productivity, and delivers superior service. Simpplr’s AI adapts to your company’s structure and culture, providing personalized content, simplifying knowledge management, and automating complex workflows.

Additionally, Simpplr’s AI plays well with your other HR systems, seamlessly integrating with various platforms to handle every request efficiently. Whether resolving employee issues or providing relevant answers through the AI Assistant, Simpplr’s AI ensures a tailored experience for every employee, enhancing productivity and engagement across your organization.

Advanced analytics: Gaining insights with Simpplr

Gain invaluable insights into your organization’s pulse with Simpplr’s integrated analytics. Go beyond surface metrics to uncover real-time, actionable intelligence that drives adoption, engagement, and productivity. With unified employee experience insights, you can understand what’s working, identify content and tactics that drive intranet adoption, and harness meaningful intelligence without needing custom builds or third-party applications.

Simpplr’s analytics capabilities extend beyond traditional metrics, offering automated content governance, employee surveys, and contextualized analytics for every role and user. With over 200 out-of-the-box integrations, including popular tools like Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, ServiceNow, and more, Simpplr ensures that your organization has access to the tools it needs to thrive. With Simpplr, you can improve adoption, content consumption, social engagement, and governance based on peer benchmarks and industry best practices, ensuring a data-driven approach to enhancing your employee experience.

Integration capabilities: Expanding your toolset with Simpplr

With Simpplr’s integration capabilities, you can unify your workplace apps into one seamless digital employee experience. Connect your tools, centralize critical business systems, and streamline workflows without compromising flexibility. Simpplr’s integrations allow you to plug and play, centralize business-critical tools, and extend the platform to other systems with APIs and SDKs.

From content and knowledge management tools to people data management systems and employee communication platforms, Simpplr’s integrations enable you to create a unified and efficient digital workplace experience. With Simpplr, you can provide employees with secure access to the rest of their digital workplace apps from the intranet dashboard, ensuring a seamless and cohesive user experience across your organization.

Security measures: Ensuring data safety with Simpplr

Protect your people and your data with Simpplr’s robust security measures. Simpplr is committed to providing its users with a safe and trusted experience, with independent auditors regularly verifying security and data privacy standards. With SOC 2 attestation, ISO 27001 certification, and TRUSTe verification, Simpplr ensures compliance and safeguards against potential threats or abuses.

Trust Simpplr to keep your data safe and secure. This allows you to focus on driving your organization’s success without worrying about data breaches or compliance issues. With Simpplr, you can rest assured that your sensitive information is protected, ensuring you and your team peace of mind as you navigate the transition away from Workplace by Meta.

Success story: Pluralsight migrates to Simpplr from Jive in under 30 days

About Pluralsight

Pluralsight, a leading enterprise technology skills platform, provides its members on-demand access to a digital ecosystem of learning tools. With 1,400 employees across six locations in the United States, Pluralsight offers Pluralsight IQ, directed learning paths, expert-authored courses, interactive labs, and analytics.

The challenge

Pluralsight needed to unify 1,400 employees in six locations under a single source of truth within a month. Their outdated Jive-based intranet was filled with obsolete or incorrect content, requiring IT involvement for every update. This bottleneck led to a stale and unusable intranet. To address these challenges, Pluralsight turned to Simpplr for a solution.

The results

98% adoption rate—With support from the C-suite, nearly every employee became a regular intranet user.

Unified intranet—Pluralsight unified its 1,400 employees under a single, robust intranet featuring over 60 sites and 168 content creators.

Successful transition in record time—Simpplr transformed Pluralsight’s disconnected employees into a cohesive community in under a month, creating a highly visible new platform for team members to connect globally.

Pluralsight’s migration to Simpplr not only met but exceeded their expectations, fostering a stronger, more unified company culture. Download the case study to learn more.

Migrate to Simpplr: The #1 alternative to Workplace By Meta

Ready to upgrade from Workplace by Meta to Simpplr? Simpplr’s AI-powered intranet platform delivers seamless and personalized employee experiences at scale. It is the only solution to unify employee engagement, enablement, and services within a single platform, enabling every employee to do their best work from anywhere.

Transition effortlessly with our automated migration process and experience a swift go-live—weeks, not months. Here’s why making the switch to Simpplr is the smart move:

  1. Effortless migration: With Simpplr, moving from Workplace by Meta is easy. Our automated migration tools ensure a seamless transfer of your data, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.
  2. Simple launch, easy to use: Launching Simpplr is simple, and you don’t need to rely on IT for assistance. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for your team to get up to speed quickly, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for everyone.
  3. High employee adoption: Experience over 90% of employee adoption within 60 days of going live, on average. Our user-friendly platform and engaging features make it easy for your team to embrace Simpplr, ensuring widespread adoption across your organization.

Switch to Simpplr today and experience a quick transition to a better intranet solution. With a minimum requirement of just 100 employees, Simpplr offers a robust platform designed to improve your communication and collaboration. Watch a quick 10-minute demo to see Simpplr in action.

Simpplr Demo 10 mIn