Amplify your purpose: Worksheet to identify internal communications charter and pillars


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A solid foundation and guided principles transform internal communicators into strategic allies

Do you need help crafting your guiding star? A clearly defined internal communications charter and pillars positions your internal communications team as a strategic partner rather than “those folks who manage the distro list and send newsletters.” You know you’re so much more — but does the rest of your organization?

Our free worksheet is designed to help you get clear on your purpose and significance as an employee experience leader. In Amplify your purpose: A worksheet to help you identify your internal communications charter and pillars, we’ll guide you through developing a clear and actionable IC charter and set of pillars that will transform your group of individuals into a beacon of purpose. You can use the charter and pillars to guide all future decisions and strategies and to measure their success over time.

We’ll guide you through:

  • Assessing how you show up now
  • Defining your purpose and ultimate goal
  • Articulating your mission into a crystal-clear guiding statement

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