Free employee handbook template

Free employee handbook template

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Create an employee handbook that people will actually read

Your employee handbook is the story of your organization’s culture, expectations and policies. It’s more than just a document. It’s a living guide, adaptable as your organization and legal landscapes shift. The right handbook is a reliable resource for your employees, offering guidance and support. Looking to create a handbook that’s easily accessible — no matter how and where people work? We’ve got you covered.

Our free employee handbook template walks you through creating a dynamic piece that can evolve as your organization grows and employment policies and laws change. Our template is crafted to help you create a trusted resource for employees.

  • Get tips for content that reflects your organization’s values and culture — in an engaging format
  • See examples of common policies and legal requirements
  • Learn what not to include

… and so much more!

Grab our free handbook template today and kickstart crafting a handbook that’s so much more than rules and regs. It’s a storyteller, detailing your company’s unique vibe, setting the scene with HR policies, and laying out the do’s and don’ts that define your workplace culture. It’s the playbook for your organizational journey, evolving as you do.


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