Intranet Security & Trust Checklist


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It’s critical to look for industry-leading intranet security when evaluating new providers

Intranet security is a critical consideration when comparing new software vendors and platforms. Are you asking the right questions? With cybersecurity threats like data breaches and exfiltration on the rise, not to mention the risk of natural disasters and other catastrophes that can put your data at risk, it’s more vital than ever before to choose a vendor / platform that makes intranet security a top priority.

In this free Intranet Security & Trust Checklist, we’ll guide you through the key security measures you should take into consideration when evaluating potential intranet vendors and platforms. Hint: It’s especially crucial to select an intranet provider that adheres to robust compliance certification by independent auditors — especially if your organization deals with sensitive data or operates in a highly regulated industry like banking or healthcare.

Use this checklist to:

  • Ensure the right security and compliance certifications are in place
  • Compare intranet vendor security ratings from reputable third-party services
  • List the vendor’s platform subprocessors (e.g., AWS)
  • Note privacy compliance measures
  • Compare encryption and disaster recovery protocols
  • Ensure the inclusion of automatic deprovisioning

Download your checklist today to choose a vendor / platform that will help your organization take a no-holds-barred approach to intranet security.


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