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Clearly demonstrate ROI when making a SaaS business case for a new intranet

As an internal communicator, you know the value effective internal comms brings to the table. But others may not. So how can you justify investment for better IC software, tools and services like a modern intranet? If you’re looking to get buy-in for a new SaaS purchase, you’ll need to paint a picture of the meaningful business impact a new intranet can make.

Developing a strong SaaS business case that illustrates the ROI of internal communications and an updated intranet will help you align the project with organizational objectives. This will increase the likelihood of buy-in and, eventually, adoption and commitment from important champions of the new system.

In this free SaaS business case template, we’ll give you:

  • Steps for writing a compelling Executive Summary to succinctly provide high-level stakeholders all they need to know about your case.
  • Tips for detailing problems with your current intranet implementation and how they impact the business outcomes that matter to executives.
  • A handy table for side-by-side intranet comparisons so you can clearly illustrate the best option + examples of intranet requirements and other desired attributes.
  • An area for you to highlight how the new intranet will address problems with your current setup — and demonstrate the tangible and intangible return on investment (ROI).
  • A section to outline the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you’ll use to measure the new intranet and its success, with example intranet KPIs.

… and much more!

Download your template today to start building a strong SaaS business case for more effective internal comms!


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