State of Internal Communications 2024: Executive Summary

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State of IC Report Executive Summary

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9 steps to more effective IC

As internal communicators continue to face shifting needs and expectations, often challenged to do more with less, how can they deliver employee communications and experience with real, measurable impact? The Simpplr Research team’s comprehensive State of Internal Communications Report reveals current challenges and opportunities and prescribes direction for the path forward. Our executive summary offers a snapshot of key findings.

Get data-driven insights into nine strategies that can propel internal comms from foundational practices to a cornerstone of engagement, culture and operational impact, including:

  • Connecting internal communications with organizational outcomes
  • Investing in enhanced tools that boost productivity, such as AI
  • Aligning IC with the right department to increase budget and efficacy
  • Personalizing and targeting comms to drive effectiveness
  • Measuring effectiveness to guide improvement and gain greater buy-in

… and more strategies to position Internal Communication as a strategic advantage for organizational success.

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