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Autogovernance saves time

Are you looking to switch intranet providers but are concerned about how much content you will have to migrate from your old intranet? Bekie Hogsed, Community Manager at Envestnet, understands your concern. She had over 50,000 items to migrate to a new platform. She was successful in this endeavor with Simpplr’s help.

After doing her research, she chose Simpplr because she:

  • Loves Simpplr’s core product and add-ons because they solve her problems
  • Relies on Simpplr’s auto-governance tool to save her times time and not allow Envestnet’s intranet to become a graveyard of outdated information
  • Has confidence in Simpplr’s products and team – Simpplr is a true partner, not just a platform

Watch her video to hear about her decision to switch to Simpplr.

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