5 Proven communications strategies to engage your dispersed workforce


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When teams are scattered across office buildings, countries, and home offices, having a connected workforce isn’t just an advantage–it’s a necessity. With such diversity in work locations, the challenge arises: how can organizations cultivate a cohesive, engaged, and collaborative team? The solution lies in global communication strategies that resonate and unite.

Join Regan Zuege, Internal Communications Lead at Silicon Labs, as she unveils five transformative communication strategies that she leverages to engage her globally dispersed workforce.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tech-Enhanced Collaboration: Harnessing the power of modern tools to build bridges and foster real-time collaboration
  • Human Connections: Strategies to amplify genuine interactions and camaraderie in a digital workplace
  • Unified Communication Approach: Streamline channels and workflows to ensure clarity, efficiency, and engagement across dispersed teams

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About the Presenters


Regan Zuege

Internal Communications Lead, Silicon Labs

Believing deeply in the power of words, Regan Zuege, serves as the Internal Communications Lead at Silicon Labs, with past pivotal roles at the Texas Association of School Boards and Denver Public Schools. Whether championing tech innovations with semiconductors or advocating for public education, Regan thrives in environments fueled by purposeful work. Holding the conviction that words are the most potent tool we possess, Regan is passionate about crafting communications to instill a genuine sense of belonging, connection, and culture within workplaces.


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