CrowdStrike: An IT Perspective – Proven Strategies to Drive Your Intranet Project to Success


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Webinar Details

Almost every company faces this significant question when addressing their software needs: “Do I build or buy?” IT managers face this dilemma when considering or replacing an intranet or corporate communications software. And it doesn’t get any easier when multiple stakeholders are involved.

Join Chris Lewis, IT Applications Manager, as he dives deep into his build vs. buy process including assessing the current problem, cost, and risk. Chris will also share pragmatic strategies and frameworks for evaluating software that ultimately drove this intranet project to success.

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  • Strategies for vendor assessment, deployment and launch, and stakeholder buy-in
  • A proven build vs. buy framework when evaluating intranets
  • Why custom-built solutions like SharePoint no longer meet the needs of a modern workforce

About The Presenter


Chris Lewis

IT Application Manager at Crowdstrike

Chris Lewis is an IT Professional with more than 20 years of experience in designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise solutions across a multitude of industries. His customer service mindset and logical approach to handling challenges have allowed him to deliver meaningful solutions to user communities large and small. Always focused on delivering value to the business, Chris is a solution provider who truly enjoys the wonderful world of IT.


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