Building a better employee experience: How Coupa leads culture with employee listening


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Webinar Details

To stay competitive and attract the best employees while improving operational effectiveness, organizations need to prioritize creating a better employee experience (EX) that meets the needs of a diverse and evolving workforce.

Join us for an insightful discussion as Felicity Lau, an employee experience leader at Coupa, as she shares how Coupa used Simpplr to overcome remote work challenges and maintain a strong company culture while unifying different systems and creating a fair EX for global teams.

Watch and learn about:

  • How Employee Listening addresses blindspots where traditional surveys fall short
  • How Coupa integrates EX with organizational goals and departments, such as HR, to help employees navigate change
  • Practical advice, outcomes, and insights for enhancing EX and fostering a more inclusive and engaging workplace

About the Presenters


Jamie Yan

Sr. Product Marketing, Simpplr

Jamie Yan is a seasoned expert in enterprise technology with a focus on employee experience. She has transformed company cultures by optimizing technology for over a decade. Jamie balances her passion for work with a love of dogs, a commitment to work-from-home, and occasional office visits.


Felicity Lau

Senior Employee Experience Manager, Coupa

Felicity Lau is an Employee Experience Manager at Coupa, focusing on improving the global employee experience. She has been leading cultural change within operations in information technology since 2014 and led change at Accenture as a People Manager, HR Partner, Culture Coach, and I&D Champion. She has a strong background in supporting Fortune 500 and high-growth clients, specializing in the Trust and Safety space. Felicity’s ultimate goal is to change how human resources operates globally, focusing on growing companies in information technology that foster employee health and growth. She dreams of creating a great place to work based on industry-supported data trends and driving change for future generations.


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