Creating a Unified Digital Experience


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Webinar Details

Organizations are challenged with engaging employees across the globe in a hybrid work environment. CooperSurgical, a global leader in reproductive care, fertility & birth, and women’s care, successfully connects the entire workplace, whether in the office or in the field, with a seamless digital workplace experience.

Join Lisa Fawcett, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Market Development, as she shares how CooperSurgical launched an employee experience platform to unify employees with one cohesive corporate brand. Learn how she aligned communications and technology to empower employees across the world.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to build and scale a content strategy on a global level
  • Best practices around change management
  • The value of effective communication to unify employees

About The Presenter


Lisa Fawcett

EVP, Strategy & Market Development, CooperSurgical

Lisa Fawcett is the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Market Development at CooperSurgical. She is a global strategy and marketing executive distinguished by profitable growth and share gains. Lisa is a decisive leader who can unearth key elements of a business to build long term strategic growth, differentiating a business from its competitive set, and build brand loyalty.  She brings her #OneCooper DNA from her time at CooperVision and CooperCompanies, to help drive a world with healthy women, babies and families at CooperSurgical.


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