Innovation and Culture Evolution for a Digital Transformation


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Webinar Details

In the past year, companies have transformed and adapted their workplace technology for a hybrid workplace model – and are now supporting employees distributed over multiple locations instead of a central office.

Join Laura Klieves, Senior Director, L&D and Communications at Malwarebytes, she shares insights on how to cultivate an engaging employee experience from a digital perspective. Learn how to manage innovative technology with forward-thinking management for the future of work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The value of digital innovation to foster productivity
  • How to equip your workforce with technology that elevates the employee experience
  • Strategies for IC to connect and collaborate with employees in a hybrid workplace

About The Presenter


Laura Klieves

Senior Director, L&D and Communications

Laura Wall Klieves’ eclectic business background began in advertising—specifically automotive advertising. With over two decades on the client side and in advertising and marketing agencies as an executive leader, Laura pivoted her career into Learning & Development. For almost ten years, Laura ran the public-facing learning academy for Duarte—a communications firm specializing in presentations. As the daughter of an elementary school teacher, Laura discovered her unrequited love for teaching at Duarte. New to the HR world, but not new to executive leadership, communications and L&D, Laura’s most recent gig is on the People Team with Malwarebytes. With the dual role of leading L&D and driving internal communications’ initiatives, Laura knits together her vast knowledge of visual storytelling and learning to elevate the growing cybersecurity organization’s leadership and management teams, along with empowering the growth of everyone.


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