Know Your Audience: segmentation for employee comms success


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Webinar Details

Effective communication is a critical component for organizations looking to scale efficiently and effectively.

As an organization with full-time desk workers, frontline employees and everyone in-between, how do you ensure that your messages reach the right people, at the right time?

Join Simpplr’s internal communications expert and podcast host extraordinaire, Amanda Berry and JSR NAHQ’s digital communications expert, Todd Gregory as they discuss the do’s and don’ts of employee segmentation as a route to communications success.

In this practical webinar, learn how to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness through:

  • Secrets of successful employee segmentation
  • Creating a digital community across companies
  • Tips to support your employees for continued success
  • Using analytics to increase engagement

About the Presenters


Amanda Berry

Corporate Communications Manager, Simpplr

Amanda Berry is the Corporate Communications Manager at Simpplr. She is an internal communications leader with a passion for winning employees’ hearts and minds through creative storytelling.

Amanda is the host of the Cohesion Podcast, which is the premier podcast for internal communications, HR, and IT professionals who are looking for insights on employee experience and engagement. This is a dream come true for her because she gets to learn from leaders across various industries about how they are solving for some of the most common (and uncommon) internal communications and employee experience challenges.

Prior to joining Simpplr, she spent the majority of her career building internal communication functions in higher education, at tech companies, and in the financial services industry. She holds an M.A. in Communications from Indiana University and a B.A. in Communication Studies from Eastern Illinois University.

She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs.


Todd Gregory

Digital Marketing Manager, JSR

With a wealth of digital experience spanning over two decades, Todd Gregory is a visionary in the field of marketing. As a Digital Marketing Manager for JSR NAHQ, he brings a unique blend of expertise from his roles as Sales professional, Digital Analyst, and Product Manager for renowned brands such as Google, Penn State, and Autotrader/Kelley Bluebook. In addition to his successful career, Todd is a creative force in his personal life, channeling his passion for design into never-ending home renovation projects. A proud family man, Todd resides in the vibrant downtown of Chapel Hill, NC with his husband and son.


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