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Engage and align employee segments, with mobile

The labor market has undergone significant changes in recent years. Currently, we are in a talent-constrained recession, in which the scarcity of talented workers is the primary limitation. As a result, employees now have more bargaining power and are setting higher expectations for their employers.

It is critical to modernize the employee experience and ensure it is aligned with the needs and expectations of today’s workforce.

Given the nuanced needs of frontline workers, where do you start? Join us in this live webinar to learn:

  • The overview of the labor market
  • Strategies to improve the frontline employee experience
  • How to modernize the frontline experience using Simpplr’s mobile app

About the Presenters


Jamie Yan


Jamie Yan is a seasoned expert in enterprise technology with a focus on employee experience. She has transformed company cultures by optimizing technology for over a decade. Jamie balances her passion for work with a love of dogs, a commitment to work-from-home, and occasional office visits.


Jeanne Mickey


Jeanne is a seasoned solutions consultant with 20+ years of experience supporting customer journeys, with 11+ of those years in the social intranet and employee experience space. She enjoys partnering with companies to help them identify their business challenges and appropriate technology solutions; providing deep product knowledge, technical understanding and consulting on industry best practices. Jeanne lives in the SF bay area and enjoys spending time with family, outdoor activities, shopping, and going to concerts.


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