The Power of Connection: Secrets behind BenefitMall’s thriving intranet culture


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Webinar Details

Amanda Berry, Simpplr’s force behind the successful Cohesion podcast series, delves into the experiences and strategies of Giulia Fitzgerald, Internal Communications Leader at BenefitMall.

With over 1100 employees, BenefitMall leverages innovative technology, backed by human expertise, to deliver efficient, secure, digital benefits solutions, to insurance brokers nationwide.

Join this impactful session to learn how Giulia and BenefitMall:

  • Curate and create compelling content for their intranet platform, fostering communication and knowledge-sharing
  • Build seamless communication between leadership and employees, and how this interaction is reciprocated by the workforce
  • Create a cohesive and enjoyable virtual environment on their intranet, promoting team bonding and a positive work culture
  • And more!

Don’t miss this chance to gain practical insights and inspiration from BenefitMall’s intranet journey, and learn how you can optimize your own experience.

About the Presenters


Amanda Berry

Corporate Communications Manager, Simpplr

Amanda Berry is the Corporate Communications Manager at Simpplr. She is an internal communications leader with a passion for winning employees’ hearts and minds through creative storytelling.

Amanda is the host of the Cohesion Podcast, which is the premier podcast for internal communications, HR, and IT professionals who are looking for insights on employee experience and engagement. This is a dream come true for her because she gets to learn from leaders across various industries about how they are solving for some of the most common (and uncommon) internal communications and employee experience challenges.

Prior to joining Simpplr, she spent the majority of her career building internal communication functions in higher education, at tech companies, and in the financial services industry. She holds an M.A. in Communications from Indiana University and a B.A. in Communication Studies from Eastern Illinois University.

She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs.


Giulia Fitzgerald

Internal Communications Leader, BenefitMall

Giulia Fitzgerald was born in Assisi, Italy to an Italian mother and American father. Raised predominantly in Dallas, Texas, she spent her summers in Italy as well as a few years in Essex, UK at an English Boarding School. After graduating from SMU with a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing, and a minor in Medieval History, Giulia started working for Club Med. She spent 12 years traveling the globe, living in 9 different countries on three continents, while learning how to be a manager of the hotel side in the resort industry. She is fluent in Italian and speaks conversational French and Spanish. Giulia moved back to Dallas in 2021 to be closer to her family. She started working for BenefitMall and is happily a part of the People & Culture team doing what she loves best: Communicating. She lives with her spotty dog, Miró, who is of indiscriminate background.


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