Unlocking internal comms: Strategies to demonstrate success


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Webinar Details

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, internal communications teams play a critical role in connecting, aligning, and engaging employees.

Yet IC professionals face a two-fold challenge in demonstrating their value: executing impactful strategies, and quantifying their impact on company success.

Join Simpplr and Audacity for an insightful webinar that will empower you to elevate your internal communications game and prove your impact to decision-makers and stakeholders. This event will delve into the core questions that internal communicators often face:

  • What metrics to measure for results-oriented leadership
  • How to create a data-driven decision environment
  • Where to get started for success

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain knowledge and tools necessary to unlock the full potential of your internal communications efforts and make a compelling case for your team’s contribution to your organization’s success. Join us for an engaging discussion, expert insights, and much more!

About the Presenters


Julie Miller

Sr. Internal Communications Manager, Simpplr

A seasoned internal communicator with experience working in business operations, communications and employee engagement, Julie leads Simpplr’s global internal communications initiatives. Working closely with executives and employees to ensure an effective communications process across the organization that supports business initiatives and employee well-being.


Jason Anthoine

Founder, Audacity

Jason Anthoine is the managing founder at Audacity, a consulting firm focused on employee engagement, internal communications, and culture change. With more than 34 years experience, Jason’s career includes leading global communications for GE Energy Management, an $8 billion manufacturer of energy and electrical components with more than 20,000 employees, and Newell Brands, a $16 billion manufacturer of consumer packaged goods with more than 30,000 employees. His client work includes employee engagement and change management assignments for Abbott, Bayer, The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, Mars Chocolate North America, Norfolk Southern, Siemens and Southwire.


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