Simpplr Author

Bala Kasiviswanathan

Bala Kasiviswanathan serves as Simpplr’s Chief Product and Customer Experience Officer, bringing his expertise to drive AI-based innovations across their product portfolio. A mechanical engineer, Bala began his career at Microsoft and followed his insatiable curiosity and passion for product development across APAC. He joined Apigee as a product leader, contributing to growth that led to a Google acquisition. At Google, Bala spearheaded the expansion of API management products before taking on the role of Chief Product Officer for Project Tidal at X (formerly Google X). With a focus on advanced computer vision and AI, Bala tackled complex ocean problems, aiming to make a positive impact on humanity.

Outside of the ever-evolving world of software, you’ll find Bala exploring the wonders of nature through hiking and indulging in the delightful flavors of specialty local coffees. Connect with Bala on LinkedIn.